Monday, April 11, 2011

Rose's Lime Juice... again Leith leads the world!

Rose's of Leith. A maker of lime juice.


Lets get the record straight, scurvy is a disease caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C.

Scurvy caused more losses in the early navies of the world than any wars.

Magellan lost 80% of his crew to scurvy.

Most of the elixirs involved alcohol, which mixed with sailors, usually impaired performance.

Lachlan Rose was the first to patent a concentrate of lime juice, not involving alcohol.

Lachlan Rose, Rose's Lime Juice, Commercial Street, Leith, Scotland.

On wikipedia, it is estimated that between the years 1500 and 1800, TWO MILLION sailors died of scurvy.

Again, like golf, Leith is the centre of the world.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Opportunities; the final version of the COVER!

Ok. This is a big step for me. Looks like this will be the cover of the book; using an original artwork by Roan Carter. (USA based, but Scots-Irish inside.) I love his style. The van Gogh influence. The Scottish flag in the dark, angry clouds. Now, I know that we'll need room on the back for a synopsis, a pic of me looking poignant, ISBN number, price etc, but I'm still excited. Wait... did I say "me looking poignant"? I'll leave my wife, Karla, to pick that one (it may take some time!). Original artwork by Roan Carter. ( )

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Leith; the home of Golf, and the centre of the world..

A very stylised look at Leith harbour, circa 18th century. There's a huge crane, front and centre, loading large barrels. The flags are "British", so make it after 1707. The circular sea wall can be seen, and the tall three/four storey houses, right down by the docks. To the right, about half a mile away, is Leith Links, a large grassy area, supposedly used in the defense of the town. The first mention of golf anywhere in the world refer to 'Leith Links'. James II, in 1457, banned 'gouf' and 'fitba' as they detracted from archery practise. Leith's claim to be the home of golf, is bolstered by the fact that St Andrews adopted Leith's rules, back in 1744. Leith; the centre of the world.
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