Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alien Corridor : The New Cover Art

Alien Corridor. This is the new cover, I hope you all like it.
Linda Fields,
is the artist, and there's a story to the whole thing.I met Linda through a
jewelry sale (my 'real' work), and we hit it off immediately. She writes, and
has some amazing artwork too.I looked at her work, and was so taken by this
image, I wrote a scene in 'Alien Corridor' which was set in this mysterious
house at the edge of the lake.Much later, I then told Linda about the scene,
and she promptly offered me use of the image.A few negotiations later, it
was mine.It does, however pose a serious problem.... it does raise the
bar.Now all my other covers have to be brought up to the same
standard.Click on the pic to go to my amazon books.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A link between Celts and Vampires?

A link between modern day vampires and the Celts?
Well that link may just have arrived. We published our Vampire High School last month, and it jumped into the Kindle arena with fists flying.
We sold a few, and got some nice comments.
But I also published part four of my Celtic series;
Caledonii: Birth of a Celtic nation.
So, a link between celts and vamps?
It looks like its me.
Come and see me on Amazon, or whatever eBook shop you frequent.
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