Sunday, November 27, 2011

Launch of

Welcome to the friendly launch of Ian Hall Author DOT COM.

I had to do it.

I was originally just writing the sequel to Jamie, but got kinda distracted by Kindle, Nook and other eBook formats for my short stories and other novels.

Yes, I know it's short term gratification, but who cares.

Anyway, I thought I'd better get a site for all of my works, rather than just dump it all over poor Jamie.

So, here it is....

Full of books, nice formatted covers, lots of clicky links, and probably easier to navigate round than the Caribbean.


Friday, November 25, 2011


I did my first interview yesterday, with fellow writer Biola Ephesus.
The whole interview can be found at;

Go check her out, she's awesome.

And I was nervous.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Murder of Tom Bombadil; now on Kindle, Nook etc.

Hi guys. At last my old (and some say 'best') short is now on Kindle and Nook.

"The Murder of Tom Bombadil" is a murder mystery with a twist;

When Tom takes one too many jibes from his wife of forty years, he strikes back with a passion; murder most foul.

Immediately remorseful, he sits with the body for days, then decides to turn himself in to the local police.

This seemingly simple act does not go as he plans....

This is a murder story with a twist or two.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hallanish, Callanish, Standing Stones and Publishing Houses.

This is the new logo that will appear in my self-published Kindle/Nook books. It was inspired by the Callanish stone circle on Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

I've visited these stones, walked the ancient walkway, touched the cold stone Lewisian Gneiss and marveled. The dedication of these ancient peoples to build such huge structures was awe inspiring, as was the desolation of the site itself. There's just nothing there but moorland, and more moorland.

On one visit, I dragged three of my colleagues with me. It was a very cold morning, and we were four hung-over salesmen, two of whom had just come along for the ride, but we all stood amazed at this place.

The circle, the desolation, and the memory that will never fade.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse: How to Write Your Own Novel.

I tried to start my own Zombie novel three or four times, but kept getting caught in traps of the genre.

It's not easy, and I started to write my own primer, to allow me to get the novel under way. Before I knew it, I had the start of my own "How To" book.
It deals with all the pitfalls of the Zombie genre.

Considerations like; Where in the timeline of Zombie-ism do you start? Pre-mid-post apocalypse?

Where is your novel set? It matters.

How bad do you take the gore?

Choice of Weapons (and how to get them)

Driving after the apocalypse.

And many more.

Why not give it a try, you might be the next "Walking Dead".

Instantly on Kindle at and for the measly sum of $2.99.

Friday, November 4, 2011

What have the Romans done for us? Scotland's Story.

What have the Roman's done for us?
We all know the Monty Python sketch, done so well in the "Life of Brian.".
But what did the Romans actually do for Scotland?
Well, in their preparation for invasion, they made the main roads north/south that we still use today.
(Dere Street)
They names us 'Picts'; the pictured or tattood people. (before that we were just known as the "nuisances up north")
Grampian Hills; from a bad translation of Mons Graupius (the battle they say they won.)
Pentland Hills; Pictaland Hills.
And CALEDONIA itsself, is a latin-ised original. It may be derived from the P-Celtic word 'CALED' meaning 'hard'. So either Caledonia means hard land, or hard men.

So, what did the Romans ever do for us?

They gave us our identity.

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