Friday, November 4, 2011

What have the Romans done for us? Scotland's Story.

What have the Roman's done for us?
We all know the Monty Python sketch, done so well in the "Life of Brian.".
But what did the Romans actually do for Scotland?
Well, in their preparation for invasion, they made the main roads north/south that we still use today.
(Dere Street)
They names us 'Picts'; the pictured or tattood people. (before that we were just known as the "nuisances up north")
Grampian Hills; from a bad translation of Mons Graupius (the battle they say they won.)
Pentland Hills; Pictaland Hills.
And CALEDONIA itsself, is a latin-ised original. It may be derived from the P-Celtic word 'CALED' meaning 'hard'. So either Caledonia means hard land, or hard men.

So, what did the Romans ever do for us?

They gave us our identity.


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