Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leith in My Bones

Back in 1998, my business partner and I parted company, and I was forced to look for new premises in Edinburgh. Leith at that time was just beginning a new phase and I got a look at a cheap set of offices.

Now, remember I'm a keen historian-here's how the estate agent described it to me:
"It's a bit run down, the steps are worn, but you know, it is 16th century. There's metal posts throughout the three offices, they're the remains of a stable from that time period. It's also near the water, maybe 50 yards from the old harbour." (photo above shows the view across the Water of Leith, just round the corner from my office)

Man.... how could I resist. For the next two years I walked those old Leith cobbles, worn from five hundred years of use. I heard the music coming from the pubs across the water, saw the sad remnants of the heyday of the world's oldest profession still plying their trade on the corner at night..and somewhere in my head, Jamie leith was born.

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  1. Ian, Just from your short description of the Leith Street's and Cobble's i'm instantly taken there ..standing on the pavements, looking at the Building's and listeningto the Street noise's around "The Shore". I read somewhere once that you should only ever write about what you know intimately..from your own personal experiences, well it seems you can do that perfectly when you can transport people so easily to a different place. I think your writing will be very successful.


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