Friday, January 20, 2012

FBI, Assault Rifles, and Salem Witch Trials

As a writer, I am usually very particular when it comes to detail. I remember researching Colt AR45 assault rifles one day. The cost, manufacturers codes, cost on the second hand market.
Then! It suddenly occured to me that I might be getting monitored by the FBI or something.
Just because I wanted my writings to be as correct possible.
So... I am currently working on a vampire novel set in Boston, 1700. (Yeah, I know, everybody does one, but to qualify, I have to do one too).
My main character had to find help to track down his latest vampire foe. So, looking for inspiration, I researched the govermental figures.
Who did I find?
Governor of Massachusets, William Stoughton.
Might not ring an instant bell, but here's what excited me.
William Stoughton was the primary Judge in the Salem Witch Trials, in 1692/3. So, not only had I settled who was the governor, but also... my vampire-hunting character in Boston, 1700, might have a friend in high places.
And, let's face it, all vampire-hunters need one of those.

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