Monday, July 1, 2013

Who IS This Ian Hall Character Anyway?

Don't Panic! If you have landed here from a bookmark and thought you were headed somewhere else, your post isn't gone forever its just been moved... click here: Ian Hall Author Blog to get to the proper blog.

Greetings from the busy desk of the Blog Elves, we're here to inform you of a few more housekeeping changes in the neighborhood.  As mentioned yesterday, the author of the Jamie Leith Chronicles started this blog in support of his sweeping historical adventure series. Things got a bit confusing around here when he began posting updates about all the new genres he was exploring and other bits and bobs of his general Scottish eccentricities. Zombies and Vampires had nothing to do with Scotland's attempt to colonize Panama (as far as we know) but they invaded this blog with a vengeance.  We also discovered that people were beginning to get confused as to who was doing the talking on the blog-who is this Ian character and what is he doing in Jamie Leith's books? 

So, to clarify:Ian Hall is the author, Jamie Leith is the character and we have decided they each need their own blogs.  This blog will continue to thrive with stories and news about the chronicles, general Scottish history and a few discussions about writing process, etc. Jamie Leith is already off on his second adventure away with the Jacobites back home in Scotland and we will be doing some updates on the progress of that second book- tentatively called Rebellion- very soon.   Ian Hall Author now has his very own blog where he can rant about ANYTHING and the vampires have their own space where they can be as bloodthirsty as they like.

Thank you for bearing with us while we sort through the transition- we appreciate your continued readership!

The Blog Elves

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