Monday, August 29, 2011

Edinburgh Memories. On Kindle now.

I was born in Edinburgh in 1959, and for the first twenty-one years, lived in the small village of Gorebridge, ten miles south. Fifty yards from my house was the best view in the world; looking down on Edinburgh Castle, and Arthur's seat, then across the Forth to the hills of Fife.

I took some of the memories, and wrote them here; making slides in the snow, the herculean efforts to build bonfires, the first days at school, and more.

My recollections of the 1968 Hurricane. Memories of Grandparents, and their quirky ways. And some crazy stories of our adventures in and out of the Chemistry Lab at Greenhall. (Thank goodness the Statute of Limitations has long past.)

Some funny, some quirky. All true, all mine.

Click the link below to take you to Amazon to have a wee look, or to buy.

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