Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gorebridge Memories; a Childhood Remembered.

"He met the world as a Dalkeith boy, raised from a shaft in Monktonhall, in a well-oiled cage that locked away his dreams." (Fish,(Derek W Dick); Lucky.)
Well, I am a Gorebridge boy. And I was raised out of Bilston Glen's shaft many times.
Wherever I roam, the streets of Arniston and Gorebridge and the surrounding countryside will be in my bones.
My father worked down the Lady Victoria, and his father before him at the Gore Mine.

I grew up on the miner's "Tattie Raw", went to the 'Pictures' at Dundas Hall (the Fleapit), bought sweets at Minnie Pinkmans.

I went on adventures up the 'Roman camp' and down the 'Glen'. I made slides in the snow, and built bonfires.

At school we worked hard, and did some really dumb things in the chemistry class.

This is a collection of stories from my childhood, old times with friends, now scattered all over the world.

Memories; Some funny, some quirky. All true, all mine.

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