Wednesday, December 14, 2011

21st Century Schizoid.

Our latest short story; 21st Century Schizoid.

I love the cover, done by my collaborator's son. Well done.

Loretta finds herself being put in a jail cell with three other women. The strange thing is; she cannot remember how she came to be there.
She has dreams of a blue ocean, and a mysterious island.
When one of the women in the cell is attacked and killed, Loretta has blood on her hands,literally.
She must find some grip on reality, something to hold onto, or she will found guilty for the murder.
Why does she continually go back to the island, and who is the mysterious old man there; Hugo?

Great wee story. 4,500 words.

21st Century Schizoid ; Available at and for the measly sum of $0.99.

YES, just 99 cents!

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