Monday, December 19, 2011

Roman Scotland; Agricola's Nightmare.

When Julius Agricola got the ill-fated task of the conquest of Scotland, he probably didn't really know what he was getting into.
In most of the other Roman conquests, the poor barbarians had escape routes, places to hide out for a few years.

In Scotland, Agricola was just pushing a people against a wall, and we hit back.

The emperors back in Rome didn't quite have a strict time limit, but even Agricola knew that he only had a few years, no more.

When he couldn't subdue the picts in five years of campaigning, he was dragged back home, and given a nice consulship, somewhere out of the way.

So, the Scots beat Agricola, outwitted Rome, then forced the two legions in the north of England to build Hardian's Wall.

Not bad for a bunch of unorganized barbarians.

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