Friday, February 3, 2012

Ancient Scottish Celts Fight the Ninth Legion

Lowland Scottish Celts try to stand and fight, but they are swept aside by the two legion invasion. Selgove and Ordovice are bowled over like so many pins in a game. Yes, part four of my Roman Scotland series, is now out on Kindle, Nook etc, and will be available for Apple, Sony, and Kobo very soon.

After five years of preparation, the Roman's finally north into Scotland. Calach has vowed to help the lowland clans, and his small force is immediately drawn from all the northern clans.
They quickly assemble, but will they arrive in time to stop the Roman menace?

Caledonii: Birth of a Nation. Book Four: The Romans Invade; Available at and for the measly sum of $2.99.

AND~ between now and Feb 20th 2012, you can enter to win the first 3 books in the Caledonii series free- click on the avatar below to head over to our friend Aquariann's blog and enter today:

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