Friday, February 24, 2012

The Kindle Short, & Why You Should Write One

Hi. This is a book telling you why you should be writing Short Stories or Articles for Amazon Kindle.

It is detailed, and has at least 25 fantastic tips on doing exactly that.

It is witty, informative, and incredibly incredible.

It was written by perhaps the premier author at his current address, and in the opinion of his ever present Jack Daniels, "can not be improved apon".

Further facts can be gleaned by soaking the cover of the book in Methanol, and hanging out to dry in a completely Carbon Monoxide atmosphere.

We hope that the above has been as informative as we intended it to be, and wish you all a very goodly day.

(The writer of this blog disassociates himself from the above, because it got progressively more "Monty Python-esque" as it went on.

Publish Your Article or Short Story On Kindle; 25 Tips To Get You Online & Selling"


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