Friday, July 6, 2012

Scottish Vampire; Braveheart with Fangs!

The Scottish Vampire; is there room in this already littered genre for such a story?
I, personally, think there is.
Scottish mythology is filled with fairies, water sprites and banshees, perhaps this is the vampire myth coming to rest on the heather-covered hills.
The Irish Banshee is transfered to Scottish culture as the Baobhan Sith; the Ba'van-shee.
According to legend, once a year, the Ba'van-shee rises from her grave. In the form of a beautiful woman, clad in a green flowing dress, the creature roams the woods and forests by night to feed on young men.
Sometimes acting alone, they also combine into hunting parties, seducing men into drink and dancing, ultimately drinking their blood.
Sure sounds like a vampire legend to me!
Anyway, I'm currently 40,000 words into the project, and wondered what the cover would look like.
I'm not sure that Mel Gibson would donate his picture, but he does look good with fangs!

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